Sometimes you come across those quotes that touch you directly and contain a beautiful core of truth. Milton Glaser has such a quote. Glaser was an American graphic designer who said about a new idea: "There are three responses to a piece of design: Yes, No, and WOW. WOW is the one to aim for."

Milton Glaser's quote emphasizing the importance of aiming for the 'WOW' factor in design.

This principle always applies to creating a new website, a logo, or an innovative product. Always ask yourself: Does this creation wow me?

WOWs are not always easy to achieve. It requires craftsmanship, perseverance, and a commitment to deliver your best work.

If the answer to creation is 'No,' improve it. Stop it or say goodbye to it. If the answer is 'Yes,' be happy with your progress and improve if needed. But sometimes, even a 'Yes,' is not good enough, especially in the competitive football world. We aim for the 'WOW factor.'

Some practical action for you. Answer very quickly and intuitively to all these questions with: Yes, No, or a WOW.

  1. The club's Technical Director where you want to work has requested your CV. How do you rate the CV you're about to send?
  2. You're about to give a presentation to your staff members. How do you rate your presentation skills?
  3. You're negotiating a new contract with the club. How do you rate your negotiation skills?
  4. You're giving a press conference before a game with much pressure. How do you rate your media handling skills?
  5. You're mentoring a young, promising coach. How do you rate your mentoring skills?
  6. You're delivering a motivational speech to your team. How do you rate your motivational speaking skills?
  7. You're introducing a new fitness program to improve your team's physical condition. How do you rate the fitness plan you're about to implement?
  8. You're preparing to give a halftime talk that could turn the game around. How do you rate your ability to deliver impactful halftime talks that can change the course of the game?
  9. You're planning to resolve a conflict between two key players. How do you rate your conflict resolution skills?
  10. You're about to design a new training program to enhance your team's technical and tactical skills. How do you rate your ability to design and implement effective training programs catering to your team's needs?

To answer very quickly and intuitively, you force yourself with truthful answers. Now let's evaluate and decide where you're on course, of course, and where you need to make adjustments to aim for that 'WOW' factor.

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