What do all inspirational football coaches share?

They radiate energy that blends calmness, authenticity, confidence, and alertness. I call this energy: 'Presence.'

What about you? Do you experience the energy of Presence?

  1. Yes, all the time.
  2. Sometimes, but when the stakes are high, it isn't easy.
  3. No, I never experience this energy.

To be an inspirational football coach, you need Presence. That is pure power. This is how.

Developing Presence: A Key Skill in Football Coaching

Let me tell you a little secret: You cannot develop Presence! What? Is it that you have it, or you don't? No, that's not the case. Every human being has access to the power of Presence. You can't develop Presence; you must cultivate a particular skill that will unlock the door to Presence: Awareness.

Two slightly open doors with beautiful light shining through, symbolizing the unlocking of Presence in football coaching.

Let me share this analogy:

Can you develop sunlight? Of course not. The sun shines regardless of the conditions. On a cloudy day, we may not feel the sun's heat directly on our skin, but the sun is still there, persistently shining behind the clouds.

The same principle applies to Presence. In this analogy, the clouds represent our restless mind. If you are worried, feel frustration, fear, and low self-esteem, or you live with your thinking mind constantly in the past or future, you won't experience the power of Presence. It's too cloudy!

You see, just as you can't 'develop' the sun to shine brighter, you can't develop Presence. But here's the game-changer: you can do something about the clouds, the turbulence in your mind. When you clear these clouds, your Presence naturally shines through, revealing a whole new energy dimension with creative intelligence, inner peace, and synchronicity. This Presence will significantly impact your life, relationships, and performance as a football coach.

Harnessing Presence: Practical Tips for Effective Football Coaching

  1. Be aware of your energy field.
    A couple of times a day, deliberately tune into your energy field. Just be mindful for a few minutes. Refrain from thinking about tactics, training sessions, game plans, or other 'things.' Just be an observer and see the effect this has on you.
  2. Follow your intuition.
    A positive effect of being present is that it will open the door to 'creative intelligence.' Trust this inner inspiration and guidance. If the signal is there, take action. There is a lot of power in spontaneous activity.
  3. Let go of the need to control everything.
    You can and must control a lot of things. That is true! But you don't need to control everything (also you can't). Learn to surrender and go with the flow. And see what happens.

These are some effective football coaching techniques that can help you unlock the power of Presence. If you want to read an inspirational book about Presence, I recommend Before I Am by Mooji. I learned a lot from this spiritual teacher.

Remember: You can't develop Presence. You tap into the power of this energy to be consciously aware of the present moment. It's the 'relaxed awareness' that opens the door to something great.

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