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Ronnie Couwenberg is a seasoned football coach and communication trainer/coach with a rich background in sports. His journey began at the sports academy CIOS in Sittard, where he specialized in movement education and football. This foundation led him to work with the youth teams of Helmond Sport and the renowned PSV Eindhoven and even to serve as the head coach for top amateur teams.

His passion for football took him across the globe, leading schools and football camps in countries like Japan, China, Canada, and Cyprus. Ronnie's expertise is recognized by the highest standards in football coaching, holding a UEFA A Youth license.

Ronnie's passion lies in empowering football coaches to communicate effectively. He firmly believes in the power of effective communication as a crucial factor for success. He believes that a clear vision is the first step toward consistent performance. How can we improve results with an unclear vision? Ronnie's mission is ‘To help football coaches develop their vision and communication skills.
Moreover, Ronnie understands the challenges of effective communication - asking the right questions, storytelling, using suitable analogies, gathering compelling evidence, using humor, and taking a stand. This fascination led him to specialize in communication, studying a wide range of literature on the subject.
One of the most prominent challenges coaches face is fostering good teamwork, especially when dealing with players from diverse cultures. Ronnie recognizes this and is committed to helping coaches overcome these challenges. He believes that by improving communication skills, coaches can build stronger, more cohesive teams and prevent conflicts before they start.
Ronnie Couwenberg facilitated a workshop at the National Football Coaches Congress 2023 in Papendal.
But the challenges continue beyond there. Coaches also need to master communication in various other contexts, such as convincing a club to hire them during a job interview, negotiating internally about their staff or team formation, aligning with staff members, dealing with management or board members, and handling media interviews.
Most football coaches need training in communication skills, such as pathos, logos, and ethos, or empathetic and attentive listening techniques. Ronnie's unique blend of sports and communication expertise perfectly positions him to fill this gap and transform football coaches into great communicators. His work is not just about improving communication; it's about developing great communicators who understand that winning starts with excellent communication.

As a Coaches Association of Professional Football (CBV) member, Ronnie has earned recognition from his peers for his contributions to the field. His workshop "Pitch To Win" has also been accredited by the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB), further validating his expertise and commitment to the development of football coaches.

Through his platform, FootballCommunication, Ronnie aims to reach out to coaches  worldwide, offering various services, including workshops (train the trainer programs), consultancy, and online and offline programs. He aims to help coaches become great communicators, understanding that effective communication is the key to winning.

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