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As a football coaching consultant with a UEFA A license, I specialize in communication and leadership for football coaches. I'm committed to excellence, not mediocrity. You're in the right place if you're a professional football coach or club looking to develop winning strategies, improve football coaching development, and be hungry for success.

PSV Woman's First Team: Transforming Performance Culture.

In 2022, I worked with the PSV Woman's first team to fine-tune their performance culture's vision. The challenge? Developing a 'clear language' to drive performance behavior. We created a visual one-page pyramid, a simple yet powerful tool that became the bedrock of their high-performance culture. See the image (it's in Dutch).

Ronnie Couwenberg on the field during PSV Women's warming up, wearing PSV clothing with initials RC, with players in the background.

The Power of Clarity: A Simple Change with Big Impact.

Let me give you a practical example of a rule in this Piramide. Many coaches want you to be on time. Why? Because of the respect and responsibility to other players, staff members, and the club. That makes sense. But the question is not: "if it makes sense," but if it's "the best rule." The best rule is always that it will get you the best results with minimal effort.

What is the point of "being on time" but unprepared?

If you have a staff meeting at 10.00 and one of your staff members enters the room at 9.59, they are on time. But are they also prepared?

Do you see when you create a rule "Be on time" that creates an entirely different behavior than the rule "Be prepared"? It's a minor change in terminology but with a massive effect on the expected behavior.

"Be prepared" implies being on time, it means that you have done your homework, and it will imply that you don't enter a meeting with hasty energy. Being prepared means showing up with the best possible version of yourself. Being prepared produces an entirely different behavior than being on time!

"The key is not the will to win everybody has that.
It's the will to prepare to win that is important."
Bobby Knight

So, what culture do you want to create? A culture where people come on time or a culture where people are prepared!

It's all about finding clarity, and finding clarity is hard! But that is one of my specialties and an obsession for me.

Can you imagine the performance culture you can create when you use the best rules, principles, and values instead of the second best?

How Can I Help You Achieve Success as a Football Coaching Consultant?

As a communication and leadership consultant, I consult first team and youth academy staff.

This question will help you to identify your top priority:

If everything stays the same within your club, staff, or team except "one thing," what is the one thing where change will have the biggest impact?
  1. Do you find it challenging to identify what your top priority is?
  2. Then I can help you find clarity through focus coaching and setting ambitious goals with the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) goal-setting method. You need clarity about what you will focus on, why this is important, and how you want to reach these goals. You need everyone to start on the same page and work in the same direction.

  3. Do you want to develop or improve the existing high-performance culture within your club, team, or academy?
  4. To create or improve a high-performance culture, you must attract highly motivated and skilled football coaches and staff members, develop a top-class infrastructure, and communicate clearly. Whether you need guidance and coaching for your football coaches and staff members or leadership for a specific project, I'm here to help.

  5. Do you want (and need) to improve your communication skills?
  6. I developed the "Pitch to Win" strategy. This visual one-page format helps football coaches (and leaders/staff members) formulate their message clearly, substantiate it strongly and deliver it convincingly. Unleashing club, team, and individual potential is possible by providing messages that inspire action.

I'm committed to helping you (club, team, academy) get your desired results. My coaching and consulting style is energetic, result-oriented, and challengi  

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